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Military Car Shipping

Effortless Military Car Shipping

Transporting your military vehicle can be a substantial undertaking. Military Car Shipping Services simplify this challenging process, and at State Auto Shipping Services, we provide efficient Enclosed Car Shipping Services to meet your rigorous demands. Opting for our Auto Shipping Services ensures that your relocation to a new station is swift and aligns with your preferences. By leveraging our cost-effective Vehicle Shipping Services, you can entrust the task to seasoned experts who manage the entire process with utmost professionalism and precision. We delegate the responsibility of Enclosed Car Transport to our experts, granting you access to verified professionals and offering a stress-free experience.

Convenient Pick-up and Drop Military Car Shipping Services

With transportation companies like ours, you can rely on us to handle both pick-up and drop-off of your vehicles. Whether you book an enclosed or an Open Car Shipping Service, we guarantee that all your vehicles will arrive in optimal condition. However, navigating short-notice moves can be challenging. As a military professional, you may anticipate such relocations every two years. Our services ensure affordable car shipping quotes tailored to military personnel and retirees. We also seamlessly integrate the appropriate shipping services, a level of convenience not commonly found with standard car transport companies.

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Budget-Friendly Military Auto Transport Services by State Auto Shipping

State Auto Shipping recognizes the frequent relocations faced by military personnel and their families. When you require dependable automobile transport, you can place your trust in a reputable company like State Auto Shipping. We offer an array of top-tier shipping services designed to accommodate your unique requirements and financial considerations. We prioritize the safety of your vehicle during transport, ensuring it arrives at your new destination in the same condition as when it was entrusted to us.

Standard Service

Our Standard Service offers reliable vehicle transport with competitive pricing. Your vehicle is shipped safely and securely, with delivery typically within a reasonable timeframe.

Priority Shipping

: Choose Priority Shipping for faster delivery. We prioritize your vehicle, ensuring quicker transit to your desired location, perfect when time is of the essence.

Expedited Shipping

: For the fastest transport, opt for Expedited Shipping. Your vehicle becomes our top priority, guaranteeing the swiftest delivery possible, ideal for urgent transportation needs.


Our efficient services guarantee timely delivery, a critical factor during military relocations where adhering to schedules is paramount. Enjoy the convenience of door-to-door vehicle delivery, eliminating the need for additional pick-ups or drop-offs. For added protection, we provide enclosed transport options that safeguard your vehicle against external elements during transit.

Extensive Network

Our extensive network includes over 9,000 vetted and insured transport companies, enabling us to transport your vehicle anywhere within the Domestic USA or even overseas to locations such as Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, and more. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in our track record of reliable and secure vehicle transport.

Relieve the stress associated with relocating by entrusting your vehicle to us. As an armed forces member, you’ve already provided exceptional service; allow us to reciprocate. Reach out to State Auto Shipping today for a free, no-pressure quote tailored to your military auto shipping needs.